A cook working for the Augusta Civic Center in Augusta, Maine has filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming that her workplace was a hive of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Before she filed the suit, Carol Godbout had raised numerous objections and filed several reports to city officials asking them to investigate the matter.

She is seeking a permanent injunction against her employer continuing its discriminatory practices, as well as damages covering lost wages and benefits.

Godbout first started working for the civic center in 2002, and says that since being hired, she has had to deal with demeaning comments directed both at women in general and her specifically on a regular basis. One coworker in particular, she says, was "obsessed with her sexual orientation."

Godbout was the only female worker in the kitchen, and is currently on a medical leave of absence. While seeking treatment for her condition, she was forced to expend all of her sick and vacation days — a practice, she says, that was not applied to her male colleagues.

"The men in the kitchen made medical appointments, went to them, came back and were allowed to make up time missed," her complaint says. "They weren't forced to take vacation/sick time."

The lawsuit will be handled by U.S. District Judge Jon D. Levy, and has also been referred to Magistrate Judge John Nivison.

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