In a case before Jackson County, a jury awarded a Department of Corrections employee (and Meyers Law Firm client) claiming gender discrimination. The plaintiff, Debra Hesse, was represented by The Meyers Law Firm's own Martin Meyers, as well as and David Lunceford of The Lunceford Law Firm. 

"The jury found in favor of the plaintiff and awarded her $1.5 million in damages."

Hesse had alleged gender discrimination and retaliation on the part of her employer, a Kansas City Division of Adult Institutions facility in Tipton, stating that starting in 2008, she was targeted for unfair treatment and harassment because of her gender by several members of the managerial chain. She alleged she was disciplined more harshly than her male coworkers, as well as having fellow male employees making "breathtaking" comments about their female coworkers.

"What we have heard is a culture of irresponsibility, a culture of denial and a lack of accountability in terms of solving problems that occur," said Meyers in closing arguments. "It's about human dignity and it needs to be corrected."

In spite of the defense insisting that no special or discriminatory treatment occurred, the jury found in favor of the plaintiff after a week-long trial. Meyers had originally the jury to consider damages in the range of $175,000 to $350,000. Upon finding in favor of the plaintiff, the jury awarded her $500,000 in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages.

The entire staff of The Meyers Law Firm is proud of the hard work Mr. Meyers did on behalf of the plaintiff. As we did for Ms. Hesse, the employment discrimination lawyers would be happy to review your case and help you seek justice. Call us today to get started.