A Jackson County, Missouri, woman was recently awarded $2.5 million in damages after filing a sexual harassment lawsuit against AutoZone, reports FOX 4 News Kansas City.

According to the news outlet, Delise Diaz claimed that two customers sexually harassed her over the course of one year while she was employed at the AutoZone on Truman Road in Independence. Diaz alleged that when she complained to her supervisors about the lewd conduct — which included comments about her breasts and inappropriate touching — they told her to "stop being a crybaby" and indicated that they "didn't want to lose the customers' business," notes the source. 

Diaz ultimately reached out to AutoZone's human resources department and purportedly waited months for them to call her back. After contacting the state and gaining reassurance that she was indeed the victim of sexual harassment, Diaz decided to file a sexual harassment lawsuit, which she claims wasn't about the money, but about proving to companies that they need to take their employees more seriously when these kinds of things happen.

"I really didn't expect the verdict they gave, I think all I could do was cry," Diaz said, as noted by the news outlet.

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