In response to the accusations of sexual harassment leveled against many prominent scientific researchers in university settings, NASA has released a press release affirming its strong stance against harassment in the workplace and protecting "inclusive environments."

"Let me be perfectly clear," writes Administrator Charles Bolden, "NASA does not tolerate sexual harassment, and nor should any organization seriously committed to workplace equality, diversity and inclusion. Science is for everyone and any behavior that demeans or discourages people from fully participating is unacceptable."

"To support its stance, NASA cites civil rights laws the prohibit discrimination."

To support its stance, NASA cites civil rights laws, such as Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which "prohibits race, color, and national origin discrimination and harassment among federal funding recipients," as well as Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, "which prohibits educational funding recipients from engaging in sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual violence." 

This statement has come in response to many women and people of color coming out and detailing experiences of harassment and discrimination that left them with a feeling of innate hostility in the STEM community. While previously, few claims were followed up on by administrators, the culture of silence and complacency appeals to be ebbing in favor of creating a culture committed to treating sexual harassment claims with an appropriate degree of seriousness. 

"We must lead the way by refusing to be silent in the face of conduct that is not only illegal but destroys the very fabric of our STEM community," concluded Bolden.

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