Sexual harassment is the kind of behavior that should not be taken lightly. Individuals who feel that they have been victimized by an employer are encouraged to find an affordable lawyer who can help mount an effective legal case. 

The Associated Press reports that San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was urged to step down on Wednesday, July 10, following allegations that he had sexually harassed female subordinates since taking office less than a year ago. One of the main individuals calling for his resignation is former Councilwoman Donna Frye, who suggested that City Council make an effort to replace him. 

"Those who have spoken to me recently would not make the allegations lightly or without cause, and I believe them," wrote Frye in a letter obtained by news station KPBS, according to the AP. "I cannot in good conscience remain silent on this, even if those who have spoken to me choose to do so out of fear of retribution or the possibility of a media circus where they could be twice victimized."

Two days before Frye came forward with her public announcement, the source notes that Filner's fiancé, Bronwyn Ingram, called off the couple's engagement. 

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