Back in 2013, former Dothan, Alabama, police officer Keith Gray filed a wrongful termination suit against the department and city. The department attempted to justify his termination by linking it to Gray's affiliation with a local motorcycle club, but Gray claimed that the true reasons behind him losing his job were racial tensions within the precinct.

The decision to settle the case came after a mediation meeting between Gray and city commissioners last week. John Ferguson, the commissioner in charge of Dothan's fourth district, said in defense of his vote to settle, "In the end it was just a matter of dollars and cents. I believe we would have won, but when I learned we may have to spend $1 million on the case and a possible appeal, this is what I felt was in the best interest of the city."

Part of the settlement claims that the city committed no wrongdoing in terminating Gray. Hamp Baxley, an attorney and commissioner of Dothan's sixth district, voted against the settlement, believing that it made the city appear weak, and that they would capitulate in future cases.

Gray was fired following a month's suspension. His name had come up in the middle of a felony assault investigation at a local motorcycle club, and his superiors believed him to be affiliated with "Outcast," an outlaw motorcycle gang. The city never charged him with any criminal activities, and cited "conduct unbecoming an officer" as one of the main reasons for his termination.

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