Former Director of Human Resources for the city of Fort Pierce, Florida, agreed to settle a series of wrongful termination lawsuits for more than $30,000. The city agreed to pay Mazella Smith $34,128 for 688 hours of unused sick leave she accrued over her 20 years in employment, after being fired for allegedly being involved in a scheme to bribe then City Commissioner Tom Perona. Smith was fired in 2010.

In addition to the wrongful termination suit, Smith filed a defamation suit against Perona over the bribe accusation. Smith claims she was fired over testimony she provided to a lawsuit filed by city code enforcement officers that was settled in 2009.

Smith lost her initial court case against the city and Perona, and the settlement came with her agreement to never refile. Furthermore, the city's insurance company, The Florida Municipal Insurance Trust, agreed it won't ask Smith to reimburse the city for non-attorney's fees it spent defending the federal case.

Smith is also currently running against Perona for the District 2, Seat 4 commission seat.

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