The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has just reached a $37.25 million settlement with 129 former employees claiming they lost their jobs due to their age. The plaintiffs sued The Lawrence Livermore Lab in 2008, alleging that the company had exclusively terminated employees over the age of 50.

The terminations and subsequent suit took place after 2007, when the lab laid off 430 employees as they began to transition away from nuclear weapons research and begin operating jointly with the University of California and commercial firms including Bechtel National and Babcock and Wilcox. Scientists like Mike McElfresh, a long-time employee who was 51 years old he was laid off, said that the pattern of age discrimination behind the layoff was obvious. 

"There was an assembly line of people and you didn't see anyone in that line under 50 years old," said the physicist McElfresh, pointing to the fact the employees retained were all younger than those let go.

Five lead plaintiffs litigated claims in two separate jury trials in 2013. In the first trial involving the workers' emplacement contracts, the terminated employees were awarded a $2.73 million judgment. The second trial addressing the claims of age discrimination resulted in a judgment for the lab, rejecting the discrimination claims. Both verdicts were appealed, and after months of mediation, reached the $37.25 million settlement.

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