In a Friday, August 28 ruling, a judge ordered Montrose County, Colorado to pay $465,000 worth of front-pay damages to a former employee suing over gender and pregnancy related discrimination. Front pay refers to the amount of earning potential the plaintiff in a case like this could lose from the end of the trial going forward. The $465,000 is in addition to $306,000 in back pay awarded to her her by a jury back in July, making the total sum of money owed by the county over $770,000.

"I think it was fair number, I think it was also a significant number and I think it reflects the significant amount of discrimination that Montrose County subjected Ms. Barnett to," says the former employee's attorney.

Stephanie Barnett started working as the director for Montrose County's Internal Services Division back in November 2007, and remained there until her termination in March of 2015. She claims she was terminated only nine days after informing her employers of her pregnancy and requesting part-time work until she gave birth. Montrose County claims that her pregnancy had nothing to do with her firing, and that it was instead caused by a budget shortage.

Workplace discrimination is a serious issue that many people dismiss despite the significant impact it has on their careers and daily lives. If you believe you, a colleague, a client or a friend have been treated unfairly because of a pregnancy or other issue, don't hesitate to submit your claim to the workplace discrimination attorneys here at The Meyers Law Firm. Our staff will review your case and help you determine your best course of action.