A compensation expert representing General Motors (GM) says the company is prepared to pay millions of dollars in compensation to victims of crashes that resulted from faulty ignition switches. GM says at least 13 people have died in such accidents, and 2.6 million cars have been recalled. 

Claimants must prove that they were involved in a faulty ignition switch crash in which the airbags did not deploy. Compensation expert Kenneth Feinberg says payouts will range from $20,000 to several million dollars. He says payouts will not be affected by the driver's behavior, such as whether he or she had been drinking or texting before the crash. 

"This is all about getting money out the door," he told The Wall Street Journal. "This program is rough justice but I think it will work because it is voluntary, and the only real test of whether a program like this will work is how quickly you can deliver compensation to victims. The longer you hold up delivery of compensation, the more skeptical, angry and frustrated they become."

We recently discussed how the families of some victims who settled with GM out of court were trying to reopen their suits, after new evidence suggested the company may have deliberately hidden incriminating information from the courts. They will also be eligible for further compensation, under the terms of the payment plan. 

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